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Batik designs painted in with thickened dye. Both of these designs were created as custom orders.

Black cat & kokopelli

This whale design was painted with thickened dye on a tie dyed t-shirt.
Both views are of the same shirt; no wax was used in this process.

Traditional wax batik: "crabby" & cat designs. This process involves at least 2 layers of wax & 2 dyebaths; wax is then completely removed leaving behind a beautiful crackled design.

Traditional wax batik designs: dolphins on different types of garments above. Below: different styles of sea turtle designs.

Traditional wax batik designs: seahorses, gecko, fish above. Below: rocket, sun & moon, kokopelli.

"Faux" batik designs: hummingbird, sun & moon, butterfly & fish. This process involves a commercial resist product instead of wax & only 1 low-immersion dye process. Colors & details will be "softer" with this process than in traditional wax batik.


Description SKU # Price
Wax Batik Onesies WBO $14
Faux Batik Onesies FBO $12
Hand-Painted Onesies HPO $14
Wax Batik Toddler T-Shirts WBT $14
Faux Batik Toddler T-Shirts FBT $12
Hand-Painted Toddler T-Shirts HPT $14
Wax Batik Youth T-Shirts WBY $18
Faux Batik Youth T-Shirts FBY $16
Hand-Painted Youth T-Shirts HPY $18
Wax Batik Adult T-Shirts WBA $20
Faux Batik Adult T-Shirts FBA $18
Hand-Painted Adult T-Shirts HPA $20


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