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All prices listed do not include shipping charges; shipping & handling is additional. I ship First Class or Priority through USPS depending on the weight of your order & strive to keep S&H costs as low as possible.


Description SKU # Price
Wax Batik Onesies WBO $14
Faux Batik Onesies FBO $12
Hand-Painted Onesies HPO $14
Wax Batik Toddler T-Shirts WBT $14
Faux Batik Toddler T-Shirts FBT $12
Hand-Painted Toddler T-Shirts HPT $14
Wax Batik Youth T-Shirts WBY $18
Faux Batik Youth T-Shirts FBY $16
Hand-Painted Youth T-Shirts HPY $18
Wax Batik Adult T-Shirts WBA $20
Faux Batik Adult T-Shirts FBA $18
Hand-Painted Adult T-Shirts HPA $20
Onesies/Pull-on Hat/Blanket Set OPB $30.00
Onesies/Knotted Hat/Blanket Set OKB $30.00
Onesies/Socks/Blanket Set (No Hat) OSB $27.00
Onesies/Pull-on Hat/Socks/Blanket Set OPSB $33.00
Onesies/Knotted Hat/Socks/Blanket Set OKSB $33.00
Onesies/Pull-on Hat Set OP $15.00
Onesies/Knotted Hat Set OK $16.00
Onesies/Socks Set OS $12.00
Onesies/Knotted Hat/Socks Set OKS $19.00
Onesies/Pull-on Hat/Socks Set OPS $18.00
Long sleeve One-piece/Knotted Hat LSK $18.00
Long sleeve One-piece/Socks LSS $15.00
Swing Dress SW $15
Long Sleeve Lap-Shoulder Dress LLD $19
Short Sleeve Lap-Shoulder Dress SLD $18
Short Sleeve Romper SR $16.00
Long Sleeve Romper LR $18.00
Toddler T-Shirt TTEE $12
Youth T-Shirt YTEE $14
Adult T-Shirt ATEE $16
XXL & Larger Adult T-shirts XTEE $18
Long Henley Dresses HD $42
Long Play Dresses LPD $40
Long Play Dresses, Plus Sizes (2X, 3X) LPLD $45
Women's Socks WS $7
Men's Socks MS $7
Pillowcases (pair) PC $18
Crib Sheet CS $18
Bandana/Do-Rag BAN $6

Prices listed above do not include shipping, handling or sales tax in the state of Florida. All prices are for tie dyes items unless specified otherwise (e.g.: wax batik, faux batik or hand-painted).


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